This Red Sea diving safari offers a mixed itinerary of wreck diving and reef diving.

You will visit the most impressive wrecks in the Northern Red Sea, as well as stunning reef diving.


This cruise has something for everyone.

Starting from Hurghada and sailing north gives a perfect combination of reef diving and wreck diving.

The famous horseshoe shaped reef of Shaab El Erg is a perfect example of the reefs on offer on this cruise with its beautiful hard coral garden and the chance to see dolphins.

Abu Nuhas has four well-known wrecks: Giannis D, Carnatic, the lentil wreck and the tile wreck, all offering spectacular dives and plenty of fish life.

Night dives can be superb in this area Gubal Island offers protected anchoring for the night.

A small wreck at 8-10 meters makes for a spectacular night dive with Lionfish, scorpion fish and its resident giant moray eel.