You don’t need to spend your precious holidays inside a classrom!.

At Coral Dream Diving Center, we are confident about the quality of our courses and
we will make all parts of your course, a fun experience.

Still, we know, that you holiday time is limited. So we understand if you do not want
to spend time in a class room and the confined-water training area.
Instead, you can jump in the Red Sea straight away, if you have completed your theory
and confined/pool training part at home.

Al over the world, there are very capable PADI dive centers and instructors, that can
and will teach you the theory needed for an Open Water certification.
If you choose to do your theory on rainy weekends at home, rather than while being in
sunny Hurghada, we just need proof from your local training facility and a quick review
with you before we can go straight to the Open Water section of your course.

Over the years, we’ve had many divers, opting to do the class room sessions and skill
training in their home countries, but wanted to do their Open Water Dives in the
crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.

Every licensed PADI dive center or PADI Open Water instructor, can prepare you for the
Open Water dives needed for you course and issue a so called referral.
This only leaves the 4 Open Water Dives to gain your certification during your holiday.

Make the most out of your holiday is the Red Sea by taking advantage of this program.

Duration: 2 days

Minimum Age: 10

Prerequisite: PADI OWD referral; Medical Statement (Courses)