Have you ever dreamed about the beautiful under water world?

This is your key to have a go and find out whether scuba diving is for you or not.

Even tough, we have never heard of anybody that the colorful marine life of the Red Sea was not fascinating,
we do know that not all sport suit everybody. So if you are not sure about taking a full 4 day Open Water Course
or not, the Discover program might be the right choice for you at first.

Step 1: Learn some basic principles of diving.
Step 2: Get familiar with the equipment during a practice dive in our confined training area.
Step 3: An Open Water dive on an actual reef in the Red Sea!

It is as easy as that! We take you by the hand and show you why we love the Red Sea so much and devote our lives
to scuba diving. Let us share our passion with you by joining us on a Discover The Red Sea program.

Be careful though, SCUBA DIVING IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE ! we know, as we all got hooked.

Duration: 4 hours Minimum

Age: 10 years

Prerequisite: Medical Statement (DSD)